Christmas Trees

Christmas Trees grown on the Estate can be purchased in December although large orders can be arranged in advance.

Retail Guide Price including VAT:

  • £4.62 per foot for Norway Spruce and £5.94 per foot for Nordman Fir  (3ft to 10ft trees)
  • £4.80 per foot for Norway Spruce and £6.60 per foot for Nordman Fir (11ft to 18ft trees)
  • For trees over 18ft please contact the Estate Office.  Prices are based on £9.90 per foot for both Norway and Nordman but are subject to change and availability.

Wholesale Guide Price:

Norway Spruce is regarded as the more traditional Christmas tree.  Nordman Fir is more popular as it is considered a low needle drop species (subject to the conditions of where the tree is kept).

Delivery can be arranged for up to a 10 miles radius of a tree up to 18ft but a charge will be made based on distance and size of tree to be delivered.

Enquiries can be made using the online Enquiry Form.  If you wish to place an order please contact the Estate Office directly.

Please Note – Christmas tree stock may be limited, please contact the Estate Office for current availability.

Christmas Trees