Logs for Sale

The woodlands on Brown Clee Hill are managed under a Forestry Commission management plan and extend to 1,400 acres of mixed species with broadleaves mixtures predominating on the lower ground while conifer are planted commercially to 1,650 ft giving way to open moorland near the summit.

Hardwood log sales

  • Produced from our sustainable woodland in Shropshire
  • Delivered locally for a charge depending on distance (only within a radius of 10 miles unless collected)
  • Prices including VAT : Full load of logs £168 , Half load of logs £89.25 , Cordwood £288.75 (further details on enquiry)


Delivery will be made by tipper truck or tractor and tipper trailer during normal working hours Monday to Friday. The loose load will be placed onto the driveway or hard standing outside your property.



Enquiries can be made using the online Enquiry Form. If you wish to place an order please contact the Estate Office directly.